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Rachel Borntreger practices exclusively in the areas of marital and family law. She is an experienced and tenacious trial attorney, who represents all persons in family law proceedings throughout North Florida.

Prior to practicing law, Rachel advocated for children as a court-appointed Guardian Ad Litem. During law school, she focused her studies on serving the public, interning at both the Public Defender’s Office and the Public Interest Law Center Family Law Clinic, representing individuals in criminal and family law proceedings.

After graduating with honors from Florida State University College of Law, Rachel’s time with local firms seeded her skillset handling complex financial issues and difficult parenting battles. After a decade in the field, equipped with expertise, passion, and drive, Rachel opened her own firm, Borntreger Law, P.A., in downtown Tallahassee Florida.

A native of Tallahassee Florida, Rachel is passionate about her local community. She serves as a Board Member of LeMoyne Arts, promoting art and art education, for children and adults. Rachel is also the founding president of a local non-profit, Capital Collaborative Group, dedicated to promoting alternative dispute resolutions, and a frequent guest lecturer at Florida State University College of Law on the subject of marital law. She is also a potter, musician, and fitness enthusiast.

A longtime and active member of the local legal community, Rachel currently or has previously served in capacities that include:

Is Borntreger Law Right For You?

As a child of divorce herself, Rachel understands firsthand how divorce can impact children. Divorce doesn’t have to damage a child. In fact, Rachel’s blended family was vital in growing the person she is today: while her mother and father taught her diplomacy and self-advocacy, her stepparents taught her kindness and compassion. She wants her client’s children to have the same experience, by helping reduce spousal conflict and empowering clients to begin anew in a positive direction.

Solution-driven and analytical in nature, Rachel applies her legal and financial background to find real, working solutions for clients. More than your lawyer, Rachel brings a collective of practical, legal, and emotional skillsets to your side.

Finding the right attorney is an important task. Here are some reasons why I have been the right choice for my clients.

Past Cases

Our clients come from all walks of life, and have included:

  • A former spouse terminating his alimony obligation upon his retirement
  • A divorcing spouse, whose husband had hidden and lied about assets
  • A business owner in a divorce, where the spouse threatened to harm the business reputation
  • A parent accused of substance abuse by the other parent
  • A parent relocating to another state with the children.
  • A father seeking to establish his parental rights for his child.
  • A mother reunited with her child after the father had alienated the child.
  • Children who are up for adoption by a family member.

Practice Areas

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