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Our Roots

Rachel Borntreger has focused her practice of marital and family law for over a decade.

In college, Rachel volunteered as a Guardian ad Litem, planting the seeds to her budding interest in family law.

Two decades of experience with prominent Tallahassee law firms seeded Rachel’s skillset in a wide range of complex marital and family law issues.

After opening her own practice, Rachel’s reputation has blossomed into that of a highly regarded trial attorney and client advocate.


Family law is an emotionally taxing legal practice area. Growing this practice to where it is today hasn’t ever been easy, and it was never supposed to be.

Coming from separated parents who made the best of it, Rachel Borntreger learned early that a separated family didn’t mean the end of a family.

Focused on weeding out conflict while preserving your assets, we help you into the future you envision for your family.

We Plant Seeds for New Beginnings

Family Law

family law

Driven by practical solutions, Rachel Borntreger helps clients blossom into the future they see for themselves.



Never a shrinking violet when it comes to competition, few mistake Rachel Borntreger as an easy opponent twice. Well educated, Rachel is a frequent guest speaker at Florida State University on the subject of family law.

Getting Started

get started

If you are a new client, we would like you to complete a few forms and gather a number of documents.

Ready to plant some seeds? View our Resources page for more information about the steps necessary to engage our firm.

Recent Articles

Family law cases impact your children, your income, your finances and your peace of mind. You are forced to make long-lasting, life-altering decisions during a time when emotions can easily cloud your judgment.

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